Our firm, PERRIAUX Lawyers, specializes in civil and commercial, labour and consumer law, offering a wide range of legal services to individuals and businesses.

Our performance encompasses general advice facing the various requirements of clients as well as the defense of their rights in the legal field.

Without ignoring there are circumstances which turn legal dispute unavoidable, we are convinced that the 21st century advocacy must give special preeminence to Alternative Media for Resolution of Conflicts above judicial litigation.

We put special emphasis on providing legal advice focused towards the achievement of our clients’ aims. In this connection, we are concerned about the specific values and objectives of each of our clients, reaching a high degree of commitment therewith.

Foreign clients find in us a particular understanding of their culture and problems, which not always coincide with those of local clients. Our primary concern is to maintain ourselves constantly updated in front of the continuous changes in the legal fields of our professional competence.

We provide advisory services to individuals as well as, inter alia, health centers, educational institutions, automobile companies, real estate developers, mining companies, financial institutions, building enterprises, farms, pest control companies and supermarkets.

Languages : Spanish, French, English, Italian.